You are busy finishing off a project and right before your very eyes your curser is moving without your control. Programs are being opened and files are being deleted and moved around. The unthinkable has happened and your computer is currently under the control of a hacker. What now?

It is an unfortunate truth, but as long as you are connected to the internet, you are vulnerable to a plethora of cyber threats. With technological advances has come the improvement of connection speed and global accessibility. With that, has come an increased risk of people illegally obtaining confidential information.

Networks provide a common infrastructure for converged connectivity. Computers are the storehouse of critical and important information of a private nature. This information needs to be secure and protected at any cost. The way that this information is protected is through the use of firewalls. Think of a firewall as a security guard for your computer.

4 reasons you should use a firewall

Whether you have good security software installed or not, having a firewall is vital and brings about numerous benefits. Below we list the top 4 reasons why you should use a firewall.

  • Protection
  • Block messages linking to unwanted content
  • Hardware or software
  • Block immoral content


A firewall can protect your computer from one of the worst things that could happen – unauthorised remote access. A firewall that has been correctly configured can prevent hackers from taking control of your PC by disabling remote desktop access.

Block messages linking to unwanted content

The internet has a great amount of malware that navigates through the cyberspace. Unprotected computers are at great risk in this regard. Firewalls can help prevent malware from ambushing unprotected computers by blocking messages that link to unwanted content.

Hardware or software

A hardware firewall sits between your local network of computers and the internet. Software firewalls are installed on individual computers on a network. Dissimilar to hardware firewalls, software firewalls are easily able to distinguish between programs on a computer. The beauty of firewalls is that they don’t have to just be software. Hardware firewalls are built into routers and can be accessed by using administrative credentials.

Block immoral content

Many websites contain content that is immoral. Firewalls are capable of blocking particular online locations so that you are protected from unwanted locations and ransomware directories.

The implementation of a firewall can be a very effective investment for organisations. Although firewalls can do a great deal of things, it is important to keep in mind that firewalls cannot tackle other malware, viruses or keyloggers. This is why it is imperative to use an anti-virus tool alongside a firewall.

People are of the mindset that if they have an anti-virus software, they are secure. However, anti-virus software is limited by its capability. If you are using a single computer, then you can install an anti-virus software that comes with a built-in firewall.

However, if you have a network of computers, then we recommend that you consider installing a firewall.

Within the environment of a network of computers, there is always potential danger of information leaking out as well as information leaking in.

As you can see, there is a definite need to put a mechanism in place where you can keep the bad out and the good in. That’s where our firewall solutions come in. All of the firewall solutions that we install are designed to accommodate any security requirements of network environments. They are developed with real-world solutions in mind.

We will keep your computers safe from security threats with firewalls you can trust. With the era of digital transformation affecting us all, don’t get left behind – partner with us to ensure you have the protection you need through our firewall solutions.

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