If your in-house system takes the plunge and a disaster were to take place, you’d be rather stuck. No data, no servers, no website. Now what? When you send your data to the cloud, all your important documentation and files will always be available. Regardless of what happens, you will be up and running.

In today’s day and age, it’s common to share work between your smart phone/mobile devices and your PC. Being able to collaborate and work on a project simultaneously has boosted productivity and allowed for time saving like never before.

Microsoft Office 365 is the brand name that Microsoft uses for a group of services subscriptions. It refers to plans that are inclusive of access to Office applications as well as other productivity services that are enabled via cloud services.

Office 365 online arrangements are a brilliant decision for business needs. It is a subscription-based model which means that users will always have the latest version of Office to work with and can make use of cloud-based features.

Office 365 migration is by no means a small decision for businesses. The decision of switching to a cloud-based system can initially seem daunting but the platform has many benefits. To help you understand more and see if it is a system that could work for you and your company, we have listed some of the benefits below.


Microsoft have set the standard in office software for a great deal of time. If your company already use a desktop version of Microsoft Office, your employees will find a great appreciation in the familiar interface of Microsoft Office 365.

Collaborative features

Microsoft Office 365 allows multiple people to simultaneously work on the same document. Each person can see the changes that others have made. If people have questions or need to ask something, this can be done via an open real-time chat session.

Reliability and security

Many people possess the opinion that cloud storage is unsecured. However, Microsoft Office 365 takes all responsibility for security. When you store your data in the cloud with Office 365, you are also saving on costs by not having to purchase costly hardware. Some of the top Security features that Office 365 offers are as follows:

  • Encrypted email
  • Data loss prevention
  • Mobile device management
  • Advanced threat analytics

Ability to work from anywhere

A huge advantage of Office 365 is the ability to work from wherever you have an internet connection. Due to the fact that it is entirely cloud-based, you have access to all of your documents, programs and emails, from any location.

Increased productivity

We already know that Office’s Co-Authoring tool lets multiple users collaborate on projects simultaneously but how else does it boost productivity?

Well, Office 365 frequently pushes out automatic updates. This means that you will no longer have to rely on IT technicians to check, reboot and update your software. This increases productivity tremendously as employees no longer have to wait for reboots and updates and can simply carry on working.

How will Office 365 help your business?

Office 365 plans will help your business get value out of your investment by saving time. It also works on a subscription model meaning you only invest in what you need to.

This option also saves a great deal of effort of having to coordinate between departments and teams. Office 365 offers reliability, performance and availability that provides a one of a kind financially backed service level agreement.

During migration, we ensure that you have a safe journey to Office 365 by not only helping you but supporting you every step of the movement. We understand that different business goals require different methods of migration. Which is why we implement help before, during and after the migration.

We will help you get the most from your Office 365 and have your email, calendar and contacts all synchronized to work together. So, the only question left to ask is: Are you ready to migrate to Office 365?

Get in touch with us today to map out your migration and learn more about how Office 365 plans can help your business.