It’s a given, your hard drive will eventually fail. And with that, all the files that contain your precious data may be lost forever. You need to have the mindset that this is a possibility that may arise sooner rather than later.

Another potential misfortune is having your computer stolen.

You may experience something familiar to the following: You’re frantic because all your important files and images were on that computer. You hadn’t saved the files anywhere else nor do you have hard copies. The data you once had has been lost forever and now, you have to spend numerous hours recreating all of what was lost. Cue cloud backup services.

Advantages of cloud backup application

Cloud backup services enable people/businesses to store their computer files and data on the internet via the use of a storage service provider. As opposed to storing the data on a disk or hard drive, cloud backup solutions offer numerous benefits.

Cloud benefits include:

  • Cloned data
  • Security
  • Cost
  • Scalability

Cloned data

When you use online backup services, you are continually saving a copy of every file on your computer to a safe data center. Syncing does not ‘move’ the files across but clones the designated folders. This means that if any disaster were to take place and all the data on your computer were to be lost, you would still have all that data saved to an offsite data center.


With cloud backup services, you can be assured that your data is secure. The threat of ransom attacks is very low due to the fact that they are performed outside the workplace network.


Dependent on the volume of data being backed up, it is very cost effective. If the volume of data is low, then there are reduced costs.


The management of cloud backups are also simpler. With that being said, the cloud is scalable. It is easy to backup growing data sets. We create backups in a flash. We ensure that every last bit of your data is backed up safely and securely.

Not only can we save you time, but we are a specialist service provider in the field of data protection and adapt to changes. We understand that as your business grows and morphs, so does your network. This means that there is a higher risk of losing all that data.

Our cloud backup solutions acclimatise to your networks needs and accommodate accordingly. The world is growing at a rapid rate, and so is data. We understand this, and we understand how it presents itself as a challenge for businesses alike.

With numerous procedures failing and taking up a great deal of time, this could be extremely costly for businesses. We offer a cloud backup application that keeps your data safe from any disaster or data loss that may occur.

It’s true – backups depend on how fast your internet connection is. The faster the speed of your internet, the faster the backup will occur. With our cloud backup services, the whole process is controlled via our solution which means your recovery will be very timeous. On top of that, all your files and data will be secure and safe.

There is no business that exists that cannot afford to have a cloud backup application. Without cloud backup, your data and important files are volatile to loss.

The benefits are unparalleled and the time you will save in the long run cannot be ignored.

We provide the security you need to be assured that your data is backed up and safe. We provide convenience and the flexibility to scale according to your business and its growth.

If you are looking for top tier cloud backup services, paired with innovation through reputable, well-known partners who supply cutting edge solutions, look no further. Partner with us for all your IT infrastructure and services management needs.