CEO’s are constantly looking for an easy way to find solutions for their own business and their clients. A simple solution to day-to-day struggles. How can they grow their business and achieve their goals while at the same time, perfectly handling projects?

The answer lies in building, deploying and managing applications when and wherever they want, with Microsoft Azure. Azure platform as a service permits IT divisions to place maximum efforts on applications. It is one of the fastest growing cloud infrastructure platforms around the globe.

With Microsoft Azure, creating applications that not only run reliably, but can scale, is an easy feat. Growth without scalability can be a dangerous game and that is exactly why Azure is so appealing – Its pay as you go/grow approach allows your applications speed to market and the ability to respond quicker to changes that customers require.

Simply put – Azure makes sense for businesses. The platform as a service provides many benefits for businesses. There are countless benefits that come equipped with Azure, let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits it has to offer:


Speed is a vital component to businesses. The ability to get much done in a shorter period of time gives the leverage of competitive advantage. Azure presents itself as fast across the board (speed of scalability, speed of deployment and speed of operation).


To stay ahead of the curb, it’s important for you to have a solution that evolves & changes with your needs and requirements. Microsoft Azure offers a range of building blocks that permit you to customise the cloud as per your needs. It is also simple to adapt.


Scaling, either up or down, is something that is guaranteed with business. When your business does grow, you will require extra resources as increased growth leads to a higher demand. Microsoft Azure was built with scalability in mind to the point where it can be managed to scale based on a schedule or even load.


Microsoft Azure works off a pay-as-you-go model, which means that upfront costs are reduced. This can be a great help for smaller companies.


Microsoft Azure was built with an approach for developing the most secure code that is based on proven technology. In terms of backups, Azure backs up numerous copies of your data across 2 separate data centers. This guarantees just shy of 100% availability of backups.

No doubt, an increasing amount of organisations are adopting a cloud-based approach. However, with all its benefits, it’s easy to see why making a move to Azure platform as a service is a viable route.

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers:

  • Software as a service (SaaS) – Here everything is managed by the service provider and you only consume the services that are provided.
  • Infrastructure as a service (SaaS) – This gives you a server in the cloud which is known as a virtual machine. You have complete control over this and are responsible for the management of everything.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) – This includes infrastructure and enables you to deliver everything from simplistic cloud-based apps to highly sophisticated enterprise applications. With PaaS, you avoid the cost of buying and managing software licenses.

It is a unique product offering that empowers companies with the option to deploy when and how they want. The transition process to a cloud-based platform is made easy and designed to reduce costs. The unique capabilities that are found within Microsoft’s platform are only found within Microsoft Azure platform as a service.


If you would like to witness first-hand the; speed, scale, cost and power that Azure as a service can give your business, get in touch with our professionals and we will tell you more.