Business is booming, and your company is growing at a rapid rate. New people are joining, and responsibilities are increasing. However, like an old house running on its original wiring and plumbing, increasing demand on an old outdated system is deeming problematic.

The systems that worked so well in the past are no longer sufficient to cope with the tremendous growth that has taken place. At first you notice a few leaks have sprung and before you know it – there is an arrangement of burst pipes right before your eyes. How could this disaster have been averted?

The solution lies not in temporary patching but rather with consistent scalability in cloud computing. It’s important to consistently increase your capacity while removing barriers to scale. Upgrading your systems and solutions will be a great help in preventing that small leak becoming a burst pipe.

Why scalable IT solutions are important

Scalability is a key benefit that comes with cloud computing. It is the ability to expand computing resources, when you scale. It also is the ability of a computer application or product to continue to function well when it changes in size and/or volume in order to meet a users needs.

Scaling your business involves structuring it in such a way that your systems can be simulated, but on a much larger scale. Below are the top 4 reasons why scalable IT solutions are important.

  • Growth
  • Downscaling
  • Investment
  • Scalability


You need to ask yourself the question: “Do I have the right systems in place to adapt as my business grows?” The main goal of almost every business is to grow, either in the sense of client base or number of employees. Either way – you need to think ahead with your information technology. Make sure you have the correct systems in place and look ahead to the future.


It happens where a time will come whereby your organisation will need to become more efficient. This usually comes in the form of down-scaling. In this case, it is important to have a system in place that is able to adjust with the above fluctuations. Having an IT monstrosity and no one making use of it is a waste of money and highly inefficient. A way of remaining agile is through scalable IT solutions.


Scalable IT solutions are an investment in your organisation. Researching and finding the correct solution requires time and effort, which in itself is an investment.


Having a system that can grow with your operation is a system that is scalable. It is imperative to have IT that grows with your organisation without having to spend money on upgrades. Having a scalable IT solution reduces unnecessary investments and permits peace of mind, knowing that if and when your business grows, you will have implemented long-term considerations.

As you grow your company you need to ensure that every now and then, you stop and ask yourself the question: “Do I have the right systems in place to adapt as my business grows?” In essence, are the internal controls, systems and teams scalable?

If a cloud computing system (storage, servers etc.) can rapidly respond to meet new demands (in volume or in size) then it is scalable. At ECOTECH, we offer scalable IT solutions that are not tied to any physical constraints (which hinder scalability). Our systems can scale either up or down and adapt in complete harmony with a businesses’ needs and requirements.

We make sure that organisations of any size and shape are able to make use of our model. We equip you with the tools to adapt as your business grows. Our solution is tailored to grow with your needs. Upgrades and adding of users can be as seamless as ever as our platform that supports organisational growth from both a technical and functional perspective.