These days, numerous businesses face a familiar problem – scaling. It becomes difficult to scale effectively when the demand curve is unpredictably non-linear. When demand is suddenly spiked, and you have not put perimeters in place to scale, meeting the spike in demand seems almost impossible.

Let’s face it, time spent on making decisions relating to technology and hiring staff to be responsible for managing your technology infrastructure, could be better spent elsewhere. Time is valuable, and time needs to be spent growing business.

The last thing a CEO wants to stress about is whether the current infrastructure is able to keep up the needs of competitive pressure. With the help of Infrastructure as a Service, you can get access to the latest computing resources over a virtualised environment, enabling you the competency to tackle the problem of demand spikes.

IaaS is not only highly flexible and cost efficient, but it lets you configure your systems with the tools that you want. You are able to customise your environment while alleviating the responsibility that managing hardware brings about.

Pay only for the amount of resources that you use. These solutions help to decrease your operational expense, which brings us to our next point.

One of the major advantages of infrastructure as a service are cost efficiencies. Cloud platforms allow a shift from a model that depends on capital expenditure to one that welcomes an operational expenditure model. Infrastructure as a service (or IaaS) allows companies to pay for what they need, when they need it instead of investing in fixed physical infrastructure.

When it comes to hosting an application, migrating from another host or creating a new one, the same challenge will always be present. We understand businesses that want to be at the forefront, develop faster and reduce costs, which is why we offer an adoption of cloud that is no longer an option but a necessity.

The approach that we have taken with IaaS is an infrastructure 1st approach. IaaS understands that different infrastructure components co-exist and coordinate with each other to deliver a service to users. It delivers various infrastructure services under a single framework, which allows us to take care of end-to-end infrastructure delivery.

Our goal is to create efficient workflows and understand the pricing model and how to control usage. We make sure that you’ll get the level of access that you need and ensure that you are fully informed of what you are buying.

Above all else, our solutions are industry recognised. We have a proven solution that has earned its place and fares well in comparative rankings. It is true – the cloud computing market is exploding with a great number of new entrants. Choosing a cloud IaaS provider is more difficult than ever. When shopping around, you need to find someone who:

  • Shows technical expertise
  • Demonstrates trust
  • Offers uptime guarantees
  • Possesses a good tool set
  • Provides ease of migration
  • Offers performance guarantees
  • Provides customer support
  • Validates seriousness about security
  • Shows clarity about cost

Finding an entrant who adheres to all of the above is truly challenging.

With us, we understand that it is our duty to make sure that the migration is successful and that you are making use of the correct cloud management tools. Not only do we meet all of the above, but we provide cloud infrastructure as a service with hands-on experience for all your IT service management and infrastructure needs.

If you are looking for innovation, differentiation and a high-quality service guarantee, look no further – we provide solutions that are built for humans to simplify your business.