The challenge is more present now than it has ever been. Businesses need to meet increasing demands, budgets are decreasing, and technology is becoming more advanced at a rapid rate.

Many organisations are facing numerous problems when it comes to IT.

Computers are prone to a plethora of problems and a result, a great amount of money is being spent trying to find solutions to these problems. That in itself leads to a loss of revenue. Unless businesses plan to

A. Build their own powerplant
B. Build their own communication network
C. Write every line of code

They will remain tied to this problem. Or will they?

What is managed IT solutions?

Managed IT solutions refer to the services that are managed in which networks and computers are maintained and monitored by a third party. It is the practice of outsourcing with the goal to improve business operations and cut expenses.

In a nutshell, these services concentrate on the IT firm. The provider’s interest lies within aligning business outcomes to provide a service that minimizes problems and maximises productivity.

The standard that has resulted from managed service providers, as opposed to in-house is a lot higher. Coupled with that and ongoing management & maintenance makes for a rather compelling case.

Managed IT solutions offer an array of benefits to businesses. Below, we will look at the top 6 advantages of these solutions and go into each point briefly.

Advantages of managed IT solutions


Due to the experience of IT professionals and their vast knowledge of integrating tools into systems, chances are, they will make the best security recommendations for your business. The use of remote monitoring services ensures that even when you are not working, your systems will remain secure.


Unexpected costs come up all the time and can cause tremendous pressure. Managed IT solutions will aid in cost reduction by helping alleviate budget pressures. Not only that but businesses can expect predictable monthly costs. This allows organisations to budget effectively and only pay for what they use, when they need it.


Managed service provider software makes it easy for businesses to scale accordingly depending on demand.


If your company relies on a couple of in-house IT professionals, chances are that you are restricted to the knowledge of those people. With managed IT solutions, you benefit from a range of skills from a team of professionals. It is a challenge to keep up with developments, IT professionals ensure you are provided with all the latest developments in the industry.

Core business focus

It’s true – businesses have a limited number of resources, time and attention. By using managed IT solutions, businesses are able to retain maximum focus on core business instead of getting distracted and worrying about complicated IT problems.


With managed IT solutions, businesses can be assured that any disasters can be recovered from and that all important information, data and files will still be present after a disaster. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose managed IT solutions. The ability to gain expertise and focus while reducing risk and cost is crucial for a business and its functions.

The choice is not about whether you should use these solutions or not, but which provider you choose that will add the most value to you and your company.

We understand that IT systems are complex business. They are fundamental to a businesses’ operation and is the cornerstone of efficiency. Our managed IT solutions increase staff productivity and let you focus on your core business.

Our innovative team of professionals will ensure that you stay on top of your game, with their expertise and technology insights. Our perfect formula and holistic approach coupled with tailor-made IT solutions that scale with your business are exactly what you need to combat every and any technological problems that you may face.