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IaaS provides on-demand computing infrastructure (compute and storage) up to the level of the operating system. The base offering covers physical or virtual servers on Intel technologies. The solution provides resources from a single server up to hundreds of server depending on your unique requirements. The IaaS is run across numerous blade chassis and SAN enclosure to ensure enterprise scale.

The options are as follows:

  • Server on-demand – Linux or Microsoft operating systems.
  • Storage on-demand – selectable in gigabyte blocks.
  • Virtualisation – Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Optional snapshot, replication or backup services.
  • Optional off-site storage.

Customer Scenario:

  1. Business Challenge: Need compute processing power and storage for test and development, or Quality assurance and end user acceptance testing platforms? Need additional resources for go to market and sales initiatives? Does month end processing deadline put your existing infrastructure under strain? Is there a rapid infrastructure deployment requirement to launch a product or service to market?
  2. Solution: ECOTECH Infrastructure as a Service. Utilise efficiently provisioned physical or virtual servers hosted in our secure, highly available cloud data centres. Rent a configured server(s), add extra storage and options such as backup/recovery and within minutes you are ready to go. And you pay only for what you specify and use on a per month basis.
  3. Service Description: A Physical Server or a Virtualised Server. Either instance is provisioned on a server blade farm with Windows Server 2008/2012R2 or Linux Server derivatives as the guest OS. Microsoft Hyper-V is the virtualisation technology used to host the virtual machines.