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Migration solutions

The transition and migration from an on-premise ICT service delivery capability is a very complex process, this is mainly due to the potential disruption of service that is implied by such a transition. To minimise the impact as far as possible to your business, ECOTECH has placed specific focus on the transition and migration planning portion of this type of initiative. A tried and tested approach of assessing, planning and designing the migration forms part of our methodology with superior support and managed services.

Typically, existing company server equipment that falls within maintenance or in good working condition can be re-provisioned to fulfil new roles, this allows for the cost impact to be minimized through utilizing the existing company investment in “ICT infrastructure and to compliment this infrastructure with cloud services where require to provide a complete capability”.

The re-provisioning aims to re-deploy the existing company equipment on the latest supported Operating system as well as change the roles of these servers within the company ICT landscape to derive a modernized, fully managed and cost effective capability.